As term three draws to a close I hope you can all look back and feel satisfied with what you and your school have achieved so far this year. Take some time during the holidays to reflect and recharge. That will help you get positively focussed for the final term.  Most importantly, give yourself a proper rest.  Have some fun with your friends and whānau…perhaps even without technology!

NZPF Elections

Tell the Education & Science Select Committee of Parliament your story about access to support for students with learning disabilities

Everywhere I go, I hear that you are facing barriers to getting the right support to assist children with learning disorders. In some cases this is a resourcing issue; in other cases it is a screening issue; it can also be an issue of access to appropriate expertise, timely and appropriate PLD for your teachers or some other related issue. 

I have received the election data from our Returning Officer Warwick Lampp of electionz.com.  I, in conjunction with our National Secretary, Julie Hepburn have pleasure in making these results available to you.

NZPF 2016 Vice President and 2016 and 2017 National Executive Elections

It’s almost the end of term three, and sometimes I wonder when the speed wobbles will slow down.  Well, not yet! Besides, some of the really hard grind is starting to pay off. Just so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the volume of this week’s newsletter, here are the contents:

1          The Minister’s announcement to fund the MACs
2          NZPF Elections
3          Rural Matters

The recent report by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner has highlighted issues with the care of children that principals have been emphasising for the past 12 years. In 2003 NZPF co-authored a paper with Celia Lashlie, now deceased, entitled ‘Children at Risk and Strengthening of Communities. The recent Children’s Commissioner’s report recommended that all state agencies be responsive to the needs of children and accountable for their outcomes.

This week we launch our re-designed logo and new branding in vibrant blue and green.  Rebranding NZPF is a project that has been underway for some time and I extend my very grateful thanks to all members of the business partners’ team for their tenacious work in redeveloping our logo and associated signage and branding. As any of you who have undertaken this exercise in your own schools will know, it takes a great deal of attention to detail and ability to see across all appplications to get this right and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Principals across the country are delighted that the Ministry of Education has listened to their national principals’ organisation and are working on leadership support for principals.

‘There is clear evidence that principals, especially in rural areas of New Zealand, are in desperate need of professional support,’ said Denise Torrey, President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation.’

Last weekend I attended the PB4L conference in Auckland. My personal congratulations to Martin Henry, PPTA for the superb organisation of the conference and to MC, Phil Palfrey of NZPF who kept continuity throughout with reflective comments and his irrepressible wit.

The conference engaged and inspired teachers and leaders of schools already subscribing to this uniquely New Zealand programme and excited many more seeking to join it.

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