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This is the last flyer for 2015 and a time to reflect on how we have performed.  The year has been packed with activities and I am proud of the successes that NZPF has achieved on your behalf.

I think I’ll stand to write this penultimate Flyer of the year, not just because I have a standing desk, but to salute you all for the fantastic work you do every day in your schools for the children of New Zealand.  We talk endlessly about the growing complexity of our role as principals.  Although research that NZCER undertook to measure our state of wellbeing shows that we actually take a great deal of satisfaction from being principals, the research also noted how our stress levels have climbed since the previous study.  I recall presidents of NZPF before me calling

Knowledge in Our Hands
Trans Tasman Principals’ Conference 31 May – 3 June 2016
Venue: Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland

We promised to send you our submission on the review of the Education Act so that you could use the material in your own submissions as you see fit.

Below is a copy of the submission.  Note the summary at the end which you may find helpful.

Click here for a pdf of this Flyer

14 December 2015

Education Act Update
Ministry of Education
PO Box 1666

Yesterday the Minister announced an interim decision to close Redcliffs School in Christchurch by the end of 2016.  School closures are always associated with shock and sadness as students, staff and the community come to terms with their loss.  Our thoughts are with the Redcliffs’ School community at this time.

Kia Kaha Redcliffs

Noho reira, noho ora mai ra

Denise Torrey
National President

This week has been a satisfying and very busy one at national office.  So many of the projects that we have been working hard on to enhance leadership in our profession, are now showing results.  Take, for example, the Māori Achievement Collaborations (MACs), designed to lift the achievement of Māori students by changing the culture in schools from mono-cultural to bi-cultural.  After a long period of deep thinking, hard graft and outstanding work by the inaugural MACs’ facilitators, NZPF, in partnership with Te Akatea and the Ministry, are ready to expand.

Amendments to the Education Act
You will be aware that a public discussion document has recently been released which constitutes consultation on a new set of amendments to the Education Act.

Last week I had the pleasure of addressing the Marlborough principals at their regional conference.  It reminded me just how important these events are not only for the professional development component but equally for the opportunity to network with colleagues.  As the complexity of our role as principals increases so also does the value and importance of collegiality. 

I hope you made the most of your holiday break to soak up some sun and refresh yourselves for what is always a frenetic fourth term.

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