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National Standards


The Principals’ Federation has for some time been outspoken about its concerns and the risks its members see in the Government’s National Standards Policy. To this end it joined in the Forum hosted by the New Zealand Educational Institute in November 2009.

The forum believes that national standards represent considerable risk to student learning and identified various themes and actions. In support of members around the country and those regional associations who wish to share their initiatives, the NZPF has made this page available as a resource to all.

NZCER National Standards: What difference are they making
NZCER Media Release: Insights into the impact of National Standards in schools

Letter to School Boards and Principals regarding PaCT

National Standards Statement For School Newsletters

The Research, Analysis and Insight into National Standards (RAINS) Project
Final Report for the RAINS Project>
Key Points Summary of the Final Report>
Second report for the RAINS Project>
First report for the RAINS Project>
Summary of the Research>
RAINS Project Background >

Bill Courtney Submission 
Southbridge School - A Cautionary Tale
Island Bay School BoT Resolution
Cambridge Primary School Letter to Rt Hon. John Key re Trialing and League Tables
Swanson School Letter to STA
Khandallah School BoT statement on NS to parents
The Board’s Role in National Standards
A personal perspective - Bill Courtney

Primary Principals' Associations
Hawke's Bay Principals' Association
Otaki Principals' Association
OPPA Letter to PM March 2010 calling for trial and opposing league tables
Tai Tokerau Principals' Association - Seeking Support from NZPF
Aka Tokerau - Northland Maori Response to National Standards
Auckland Primary Principals' Association Response November 2009
South Canterbury Principals' Association Response December 2009

NZEI National Standards
NZEI National Standards Forum Follow-up 23 Nov 2009
NZPF and NZEI Letter to Principals

School Newsletters
National Standards Newsletter - Tawa Intermediate
Aurora College Newsletter Statement
Southbridge School Newsletter
National Standards Parent Notice (template for anyone to use)
Sally Direen (Balaclava) School Newsletter on NS

NZPF's President's Column on National Standards
National Standards Opinion Piece 27 August 2010
National Standards Fact Sheet
NAG2A – what does it tell us?

IHC Support Email
Janine Rankin Article (Manawatu Standard)

Template for Invoicing Ministry For National Standards Training

Reference Material
NZCER ~ NS for Maths: where to set the bar?
NZCER Education Sector Feedback - Full Report
MoE National Standards

Very Serious Concerns with National Standards - Flockton >>
Fundamental Flaws in National Standards Policy - Elley>>

Academics’ Open Letter to Hon Anne Tolley (University of Otago, Waikato, Auckland education professors’ letter to Minister on NS flaws, harm, undermining of curriculum, lack of focus on progress)

John Hattie’s paper Nov 2009 Horizons and Whirlpools:The well travelled pathway of national standards
John Hattie shares on EdTALKS his views on National Standards
Prof Howard Lee, Massey University College of Education “Politics, Context and History of NS and Testing in NZ Primary Schools”
University of Auckland College of Education staff opinions on NS
National Standards – An inconvenient truth - Lester Flockton
National Standards: A foolish formula full of fundamental flaws, faults and fanciful forecasts by Warwick Elley


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