Life Members

Life members who have served and been recognised by their colleagues for their contribution to education
in New Zealand 

NameServiceOfficeLife Member
Tom Brown MBE1982-1987President1987
Ian Payne MNZM1982-1987Founding Member/Executive 1998
Don Le Prou1982-1989 President (deceased)1989
Ken Morris1983-1989Editor 1990
Con Coffey1985-1990President 1990
John Boyens1987-1993President1994
Ross Whimp1982-1993Membership Registrar (deceased)1994
Jean Packman1987-1995President 1996
John Cunningham QSM1987-1996Executive 2001
David Stewart      (deceased) 2001
Dick Connolly1989-2000Executive (deceased)2002
Tauri Morgan1993-1997
Marilyn Yeoman1990-1999President & Secretary2005
Lester Flockton MNZN      2005
Russell Young1985-2002Treasurer2009
Gavin Price1996-2004Executive2009
Nola Hambleton MNZM1991-2001President2012
Madeleine East MNZM1998-2006Executive2012
Barry Hambleton1999-2009Business Partners' Convener2012
Kelvin Squire1997-2006President2014
Geoff Lovegrove QSM1989-2010President, Treasurer & Editor2014
Judy Hanna1994-2008President & Secretary2015
Paul Drummond2007-2014President & Secretary2015



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