NZPF is the only organisation set up to work solely on behalf of all New Zealand principals with over 2200 members from state and integrated, primary, intermediate, middle, area, secondary and tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand.

Membership offers many benefits including access to legal advice and support, advocacy, Helpline for urgent issues, access to publications, our annual conference and provides a collective voice on government policy issues.

Membership of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation is for the period 1 January to 31 December.  Subscription rates differ according to the size of your school. 

Subscription Rates 2016

U11 - 50$173.40
U251 - 100$224.40
U3101 - 150$270.30
U4151 - 300$321.30
U5301 - 500$372.30
U6500 - 850$413.10
U7851 - 1200$448.80
U81201 - 1600 
U91601 - 2000 
U102000 + 

Subscription Invoice

The subscription invoice is a multi-purpose form which also includes all details of your school profile. Subscription rates are printed on the bottom right hand corner of the this form. Invoices are mailed to schools in Term 1, Week 2. 

If you wish to have your school record updated please print the form below, complete, scan and email to or post to PO Box 25380, Wellington 6146

Click here for the subscription invoice form >


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