New Zealand’s school principals are disappointed that the Minister of Education does not appear to want to get the NS system right via a meaningful partnership with principals and teachers.

“We have already presented to the Minister some of the information on the flaws in the Standards, and have offered to provide full details once the framework for a meaningful partnership to address the flaws is agreed,” says NZPF President Ernie Buutveld.

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation says Prime Minister John Key is misleading the public, by saying that opposition to the National Standards has come only from teacher unions.

“That is a complete myth, and one which the Prime Minister is conveniently using to detract the focus from the real debate on National Standards which urgently needs to take place,” says NZPF President Ernie Buutveld.

Almost half of the Boards of Trustees in New Zealand are still concerned about National Standards, according to a survey released today by the New Zealand Principals’ Federation.

The survey was completed in the week before schools closed in December 2009 by over 600 NZPF primary school members. It asked principals if their boards had discussed National Standards. 98% were aware of the debate currently taking place about National Standards, and 70% had discussed how the standards might impact their school.

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