Special Federation Flyer - Trans-Tasman Conference - 1 December 2015

Knowledge in Our Hands
Trans Tasman Principals’ Conference 31 May – 3 June 2016
Venue: Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland

Programme and Speakers
The programme  for this very special conference will be a mixture of Keynote and Mini Keynote speakers and innovative Taster Talks  from a range of practitioners, from which you will choose a follow up workshop.

The keynote slots are now full, with an interesting array of speakers from both here and overseas. A sample includes:

  • Kaser and Halbert from Canada, whose work is currently informing Ministry policy, especially on innovative Spiral of Inquiry. There are excellent messages here for leadership.
  • Georgette Mulheir, a delightful Irish woman who heads up JK Rowling’s Lumos Foundation, which is seeking to do away with institutionalised care for children worldwide.
  • Edwards and Martin whose new book ‘Schools that Perform’ will be launched in the US just prior to the conference next year and will be coming to us hot of the press. Many of the stories in the book have been drawn from NZ schools as well as those in the US, Australia, the UK and Scandinavia.
  • Noel Pearson from Australia who will bring us some challenging messages about indigenous education in Australia.

Our home grown talent includes Julie Chapman from KidsCan and Dr Russell Wills, our Commissioner for Children. They will both bring powerful messages about equity and child poverty. They will be joined by Sir Peter Gluckman who always has an interesting perspective on education from his science background. There are others, too, who will bring innovative ideas and talent to share with us. Inspiration will abound – especially from Cam Calkoen and Jamie Fitzgerald – whose personal stories are amazing and challenging.

But we are most excited by the Taster Talks and follow-up workshop speakers who have been selected from amongst our own ranks of practitioners in New Zealand and Australia.  The tasters will be presented in groups of four – four quick ‘tastes’ of what is to come in the follow up sessions – using visuals and utilising the technology at our disposal. You will then choose who you’d like to hear more from, and you will attend these sessions on a first come first served basis.

These presenters have submitted papers for consideration and have been through a selection process. They bring practical and interesting examples of what is happening in NZ Schools from both the north and south islands, large and small schools, rural and urban schools.  This is such an exciting opportunity to showcase our schools and celebrate Kiwi education, as well as providing a challenging professional development opportunity for those who have been brave enough to put themselves forward.  We know there will be something for everybody within this group! And it is such a perfect enactment of the theme of our conference – Knowledge in Our Hands.

All of this will be expertly managed by our MC Michele A ‘Court who will combine clever humour with expert speaking skills to ensure a smooth flow between sessions.

The emphasis is on story telling – and there are some amazing stories to tell.  This is just a sampling of some of what is on offer.  For full bios and continuous updates be sure to keep an eye on the website at http://www.transtasmanconference.co.nz/programme/speakers/

Our social programme has also been designed to dazzle and show what Auckland can offer, with a superb conference dinner planned.  Please do join us – early bird registrations remain available until the end of March 2016.

Have a great week.

Noho ora mai ra

Denise Torrey
National President



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