Federation Flyer 30 - 10 December 2015

This is the last flyer for 2015 and a time to reflect on how we have performed.  The year has been packed with activities and I am proud of the successes that NZPF has achieved on your behalf. There are two stand outs amongst them.  These are winning the service contract to expand our flagship Māori Achievement Collaboratives (MACs) in conjunction with Te Akatea and the Ministry and having the first Principal Leadership Advisors (PLAs) appointed in Northland with more to come for the East Coast and Southland.  I acknowledge the advocacy of my predecessors in getting both these projects underway and am immensely proud to have been able to see them through.

There are many more projects that NZPF has involved itself in and if I was to sum up, in one word, what our major focus has been for the year, it is leadership.  Both the MACs and PLAs are about supporting principals to be more effective leaders and lifting the quality and capacity of leadership across the country. We are involved in shaping future PLD for leadership and have forged connections with both EDUCANZ and the Ministry to assist them in developing PLD and an appropriate principal appraisal system.  We have also introduced a new publication ‘Rural Matters’ which is published twice a term and contains tips and good advice especially for principals in small rural schools. This publication is in recognition of the special circumstances rural principals face.

When I was elected NZPF President I was ambitious for NZPF to have a positive impact for principals across the country and I leave the Presidency satisfied that we have achieved that.  I have enjoyed my time at national office in Wellington but look forward to returning to Somerfield School in 2016.  A special thank you to Simon Thomas who took over as Acting Principal in my place. His safe hands enabled me to focus on the job here and he has done a wonderful job for Somerfield School in the interim. I congratulate Simon who has just won the position of principal at Parkview School in Christchurch.

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I also extend my thanks to the staff at national office. They watch Presidents come and go and keep the ship sailing no matter what is happening. Liz Hawes, Jan Franklin, and Susan Veldhuizen have been fantastic, a bit rushed off their feet, but fantastic! This year we have taken on a lot of new projects and we now need to change the role of some of the staff and employ new staff to support the direction in which our work is heading. We will be employing a new staff member in 2016 to carry out some of this new work.

I wish Iain Taylor all the very best as he takes up the presidency on 1 January. I know he will bring fresh ideas, energy and wisdom to the role.

Lastly I want to thank you all. It’s a privilege to have met so many of you in my travels to the regions this year and to get your perspectives. That has helped me to reflect and shape the NZPF direction. A number of new streams of work have been generated from concerns you have raised so be assured, we are listening to you!

Some of you will be retiring. Congratulations and on behalf of us all, thank you for the critical role you have played in leading your schools through what have been, and continue to be, very challenging times. I trust you will have the pleasure of reflecting on your careers and that you are able to appreciate the positive difference you have made for the future  of children through your leadership.

But the work is not over just yet! Before I sign off, I must draw your attention to two critical tasks. These are:

1      The submission on the Education Act review
2      Start of Year

Submission on the Education Act Review
Congratulations to those of you who have already sent in your submissions on the Education Act review. We sent you out a Special Flyer with our own submission on 30 November and you are very welcome to cut and paste any sections for your own submission.  Also use the summary at the end if you are short of time.

Start of Year
Here is a message from Novopay
The Start of Year screens in Novopay Online are open now. There are three things you should do:

Confirm your Start-of-Year staffing arrangements – this means contract start and end dates, changes to employment status, funding, and leave details – and update them in the Start of Year screens.  Remember – you don’t need to do this all at once; you can do it as you go.

·   Review the Pay Ending Report for employee occupancy end dates. Make sure you input details for new,
     returning and terminating employees as soon as possible.

·   Complete all the Start of Year work that you can, ideally before the Christmas break, and by 25 January
     at the latest. 
This is a deadline.

There is a lot of support to help you – you can start with the tools and training materials available from the Novopay website and do not hesitate to contact the Novopay Service Desk if you need further help.

At times there are gaps in who is administering the pay when the principal is leaving.  You need to ensure there is an authorised user to Education Payroll Ltd by 13 January.  This might in fact be the Deputy Principal.

Not also the Banking Staffing notice in the section below.

And now, I have finally come to the end!

Merry Christmas to you all, your staff and your families. I hope you have a wonderful break and come back in the new year refreshed and invigorated.

Noho ora mai ra

Denise Torrey
National President

18 December        National Office closes
5 January              National Office opens
17-18 February     Executive Meeting, Wellington
2 March                Membership Awards applications close
It is now time to be thinking about who you may wish to nominate for NZPF life membership, associate membership or service with distinction awards. Nominations close on 2 March 2016. Please refer to the awards section on the NZPF website or click here for more information. Click here for a nomination form.
View or share NZ Principal Magazine onlineYou and/or your team members can now easily access the NZ Principal Magazines online, as an e-magazine or as a PDF. Additionally you can search for a previous issue, article name or by the author of the article. All Magazines back to term 1 2012 are available in this format. To view or search click here www.nzprincipal.co.nz/view-the-magazine
Some End of Year thoughts:
If your roll review application was unsuccessful and you believe you will exceed your provisional staffing roll by 1 March, how about refraining from sending a staffing roll change form to MOE early in the year, as any additional pupils by 1 March will generate staffing which will be back dated to the start of the year if it shows up in table M3 of the March return.
Pp 19 is probably your last “normal” banking staffing report for the year as it does not contain the temporary blowout caused in pp 20 by fixed term holiday pay, so use pp 19 and extend that out to pp 22 by pretending everyone gets paid fortnightly and thus get a view of the likely pp 22 balance now.  Respond to that as you see fit rather than be influenced by the pp 20 report.  Remember too that you have 4 pay periods next year (pp 23 to 26) to manage any 2015 surprises via cheap salaries.
Check pp 22 report totals column to see that usage for 2015 for full time staff is 26 (or about 25.5 for new teachers who started at the beginning of the 2015 school year).  Use the “Request for Banking Staffing Adjustment” form to seek a banking staffing adjustment for anyone who exceeded 26 FTTEs for the year.
27 pay periods in 2016 and banking staffing planning – something to be aware of.  If I come across any issues that need to be factored in to help with predictions I will put something out via the NZPF flyer next year.
Gavin Price | NZPF Life Member | gavin.price@xtra.co.nz| 027 607 6220 | www.bankingstaffing.co.nz
Many of you have commented on the outstanding programme the Wellington NZPF conference provided, especially the theming of topics into different education lenses. Its time now to start thinking about the next NZPF conference which will be hosted jointly by our Australian colleagues (APPA) and NZPF. It too promises to present an outstanding and relevant programme.
The theme of ‘Knowledge in Our Hands’ will bring together practitioner and expert stories from around New Zealand, Australia and the world.  This special event, held every four years, is an opportunity to showcase New Zealand education in 2016 and will follow theme strands aligned with the values of the NZ Curriculum.  Early Bird Registrations are open now.  For full details of the conference programme, speakers and registration, go to www.transtasmanconference.co.nz
The NZPF supports Netsafe, an independent non-profit organisation, which supports safe and responsible use of digital technology in schools. It offers excellent advice on cyber bullying prevention, privacy and copyright issues.  You can visit the Netsafe website  for more information.
Netsafe is promoting safer internet use by hosting a ‘Safer Internet Day’ on 9 February 2016. We urge you to diary this date and participate in the promoting of safer internet use in your school.
BE WATER-RACE SAFE - www.youtube.com
Information on the dangers of water-races on New Zealand farms and why they are important.
A message to educators and principals of rural schools
The video also features as cover story on latest Irrigation NZ magazine.
Exciting and Rewarding Fixed-term Opportunity!
Across-School Learning Team
Four schools in the Aranui cluster (Wainoni, Avondale, Aranui Primary and High Schools) are closing in December 2016 before the new Year 1-13 Haeata School opens in 2017.

We are looking for experienced teachers with talent, drive and excitement for learning, who are seeking a challenging but rewarding short term change in their teaching life for the 2016 school year. 

You will be part of an Across-School Learning Team of three, to create exciting learning opportunities for cross-school interaction between the closing schools. 

You will be encouraged and supported to be creative and to support creativity within and across the schools.

You must be able to work flexibly and collaboratively, thinking innovatively and outside boxes and walls.

This is a one year, fixed term contract with RRR allowance equivalent to 2 MU.

Secondment will be possible, by negotiation with your employing board.

For further details, a job description, or to apply, contact Audrie McKenzie, Principal Wainoni School at mckenziea@wainoni.org.nz  or 021 055 0183

Please remind your Office Manager that the NZPF fax line has been discontinued.  If you are ordering any NZPF forms or applying for NZPF grants or awards in the future please email the national office.

To mark the retirement of school principals, NZPF has developed a special Service Award.  If your local principals’ association is aware of any retiring principals in your region then have your President email with the principal’s name(s).  We will prepare a Service Award which will be emailed to your President for framing and presenting at your local principals’ association function. 
One of the undertakings the NZPF gives its business partners is that at the very least, they are given the opportunity by members to quote for a product, service or solution. PLEASE support our business partners as their assistance is very important to NZPF and to you as members.   

Interested in becoming an NZPF Business Partner? We welcome enquiries from businesses that are interested in engaging with schools. If you would like to know how a partnership with NZPF can add value to your business, while supporting New Zealand education, please email Gavin Beere (NZPF’s Business Partner Convenor), for an information package and further details about NZPF



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