Federation Flyer 26 - 15 October 2015

I hope you made the most of your holiday break to soak up some sun and refresh yourselves for what is always a frenetic fourth term.

Just prior to the break NZEI announced the results of the PUMs for the Joint Initiative. The majority vote favoured the Joint Initiative but the turn out of principals was disappointingly low.  We can only speculate on the reasons for the low turn-out but feedback I have received included that principals felt disengaged because the final agreement was little different from the PPTA agreement.  Some were also concerned about the leadership roles.  NZEI worked hard to negotiate leadership roles in addition to the single lead principal role but were less successful in negotiating payment for those roles. In reality the additional leadership roles will be paid $2,500 which is less than what a teacher can already be paid for a unit of responsibility within a school, yet the leadership roles will carry far more responsibility in leading an achievement challenge across several schools.  A number of principals felt this was inequitable.

There will be another opportunity to revisit these and any other issues you have with the Joint Initiative when the bargaining process begins.  I encourage you all to participate in this next round of PUMs and express your views if you want your voice heard in this process.    

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Below you will find updates on:
Principal Appraisal
Māori Achievement Collaborations (MAC) 
MAC Coordinator Position
School Resourcing
Review of the Education Act
National Calendar
Trans-Tasman Conference 2016

Principal Appraisal
Recently I convened a meeting of NZSTA, the Education Council, NZSPANZ and ERO to discuss our concerns about Principal Appraisal. ERO supported our position that there is confusion over the expectations and the process of appraisal for boards, principals and appraisers alike.  There was agreement that appraisal information on the various websites did not demonstrate clarity or consistency.

Appraisal was described by the group as a “natural harvest” of documents related to the school’s goals and expectations.  These documents are already held in the school and can be used for multiple purposes including appraisal of the Practising Teacher Criteria (PTCs) and the Professional Standards. There is no need to create separate evidential documents to support every facet. The group agreed that neither the requirements nor the process for artfully pulling appraisal information together is clear for appraisers.

The Education Council has agreed to clarify appraisal information on their website and we have asked that a professional development programme be developed for both appraisers and principals so that there is clarity and consistency of appraisal expectations.  We will update you on progress.

Māori Achievement Collaborations (MACs)
Since the Minister’s announcement to fund a National Coordinator as well as continue to fund the MAC initiative, we have been working with our partners Te Akatea and the Ministry to construct a service agreement to deliver MAC throughout NZ.  Earlier this year a board was established to provide a governance structure for the MAC initiative. Membership of the board includes the Presidents and one other executive member from both NZPF and Te Akatea, the national co-ordinator and Ministry personnel. Later in the year, the board will be distributing more detailed information about how the MAC works and how to access the initiative.

The MAC will only work with Communities of Learning (CoLs) who have identified Māori achievement as an achievement challenge. One of our regional facilitators will work with the CoL to implement the MAC philosophy.

I acknowledge the current regional facilitators who, over the last two years, have so generously given of their time and been supported by their schools to carry out facilitation work for the MACs.  The Minister’s announcement enables us to ensure that these dedicated people have the time and resources to carry out their facilitation work into the future.

MAC Co-ordinator
This position is advertised in the notices section below and closes on 26 October 2015.

School Resourcing
At the recent PPTA conference, the Minister’s response to a question on resourcing sent shockwaves across the sector.  Minister Parata’s idea of linking achievement information to future school resourcing was roundly rejected.  A group of national education lead organisations, including NZPF, has repeatedly offered to co-construct a resourcing model alongside the Minister and Ministry.  Lead organisations bring collective knowledge and experience which would usefully inform a fair and equitable resourcing model.   So far the Minister has not accepted our offer but we will contuinue to lobby for inclusion in this critical resourcing debate. 

Review of the Education Act
During the holidays, I met with Ministry staff responsible for work on the review of the Education Act.  Murray Jack of Deloittes chaired a review taskforce which produced a report in May 2014.  The report included a broad range of recommendations which Ministry staff are presently working up into a Cabinet paper.  Once approved by Cabinet the paper will then be distributed for consultation and feedback.

NZPF welcomes the opportunity to discuss the recommendations, in particular those pertaining to the purpose of education:

The Act contain a purpose statement outlining the desired outcomes for the schooling system’
‘This statement be enduring, inclusive, student centred and embrace a breadth of desired student outcomes’
‘This statement be developed in consultation with the schooling sector’
‘Consideration be given to the implications for the NEGs as part of this process’

In my address to the NZPF conference this year I called on the membership to have a national conversation about the purpose of education in New Zealand today because without purpose there can be no coherency in our education system.  It is intended that NZPF will launch that debate at the Moot in March 2015. 

National Calendar
Shortly, local associations will be planning 2016 local conferences and events. Please email the dates of your conferences and events to NZPF national office so we can keep the national calendar up to date.

Trans-Tasman Conference
Last term I attended the Australian Primary Principals’ Association (APPA) conference in Hobart and took the opportunity to promote the 2016 Trans-Tasman conference. Australian delegates responded very positively to our promotion presented jointly by myself, NZPF Vice President Iain Taylor, Conference Organising Committee Convenor Jill Corkin, and a representative from the Conference Events Company, Clare Chambers . 

Early Bird Registrations are open until 31 March 2016, giving you the option of splitting the cost of your conference registration across two years’ budgets.   This has proved a very popular option in the past. For more information and the programme, visit www.transtasmanconference.co.nz

Noho ora mai ra

Denise Torrey
National President

16-17 October    Executive Meeting, Wellington
1 November       Rural Conference/Seminar applications close
Applications are now invited for the MAC Co-ordinator position. Please request a copy of the position description from the NZPF national office. Send a covering letter, CV and three referees to MAC Board, c/- NZPF, PO Box 25 380, Wellington 6146 or email the NZPF national office.  Applications close Monday, 26 October 2015, 5:00 pm.
NZPF annually awards rural grants of $1000 to rural principals’ groups, to assist them to hold their own conference or seminars. Applications close on 1 November.  For further information and an application form click here. Applications need to be made now to fund your conference in 2016.
The NZPF fax line has now been discontinued.  If you are ordering any NZPF forms, or applying for any NZPF grants or awards in the future please email the national office.
Many of you have commented on the outstanding programme the Wellington NZPF conference provided, especially the theming of topics into different education lenses. Its time now to start thinking about the next NZPF conference which will be hosted jointly by our Australian colleagues (APPA) and NZPF. It too promises to present an outstanding and relevant programme.
The theme of ‘Knowledge in Our Hands’ will bring together practitioner and expert stories from around New Zealand, Australia and the world.  This special event, held every four years, is an opportunity to showcase New Zealand education in 2016 and will follow theme strands aligned with the values of the NZ Curriculum.  Early Bird Registrations are open now.  For full details of the conference programme, speakers and registration, go to www.transtasmanconference.co.nz
To mark the retirement of school principals, NZPF has developed a special Service Award.  If your local principals’ association is aware of any retiring principals in your region then have your President email with the principal’s name(s).  We will prepare a Service Award which will be emailed to your President for framing and presenting at your local principals’ association function.
One of the undertakings the NZPF gives its business partners is that at the very least, they are given the opportunity by members to quote for a product, service or solution. PLEASE support our business partners as their assistance is very important to NZPF and to you as members.   
Interested in becoming an NZPF Business Partner? We welcome enquiries from businesses that are interested in engaging with schools. If you would like to know how a partnership with NZPF can add value to your business, while supporting New Zealand education, please email Gavin Beere (NZPF’s Business Partner Convenor), for an information package and further details about NZPF

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