Summit produces set of guiding principles


We are delighted to announce that the NZPF Education Summit, to which all sector heads were invited, succeeded in its aim to produce a draft set of principles which those attending the summit believe should underpin all future education policy making, irrespective of what political party is the government. The NZPF executive committee has now crafted the principles which appear below:

1. ‘Every child, irrespective of their academic ability, financial status, or geographical location will have the right to a free education of the kind for which the child is best suited.’

2. ‘Public education is an investment in the future of our country and thus will be publicly funded and will take account of social inequities in the allocation of funds.’

3. ‘NZ is a pacific nation and our education system will reflect our place in the world, recognising Maori as tangatawhenua and specifically delivering for Maori and Pasifika learners.’

4. ‘The world-class NZ Curriculum will govern a child centred learning culture to ensure every child has a relevant access point to learning from the level they present, whether that is equal to, behind or beyond their peers.’

5. ‘The Teaching profession will lead teaching and learning initiatives through research informed, evidence based practices and teachers will keep their practice updated through attending relevant professional development programmes throughout their teaching careers.’

6. ‘The status of the teaching profession will be enhanced through an independent Teachers’ Council which will be self-regulating, will set teacher registration standards, teacher competencies and practice standards and will be the body of accountability for the conduct of professional teachers.’

We welcome your feed-back and encourage you to hit the ‘comments’ button to make suggestions for change or to support these principles.

Peter Simpson



Gold Business Partners