President Speaks

This is it! We have reached the end of term one. If you can’t believe it well nor can I!! The weeks have whizzed by and I suddenly realise that as President of NZPF, you’ve hardly unpacked your suitcase before you’re staring down the barrel of the next term!

One of our 2016 strategic foci is principal hauora. It would be the broadest of all our foci for this year and includes principal leadership support and advice, our unique MAC PLD, centralised PLD and rural matters.

If there is a stand out for term one, then I would definitely single this one out. Your executive committee has put a huge amount of work into this area and in these last few weeks we have had four executive members attending different PLD meetings in Wellington as we try to influence the future shape of centralised PLD. The advisor for this work is Professor Helen Timperley, Professor of Education at the University of Auckland. She is perhaps best known as the lead author of the BES ‘Teacher Professional Learning & Development’ (2007).

In this issue of ‘Principal Matters’ we include a link to ‘Rural Matters;’ a publication developed late last year by Karen Brisco, one of our executive members from Taranaki. Karen has had much experience of rural schools and currently leads Omata School just outside of New Plymouth. She was determined to create a news channel for sole charge and rural school principals to provide information, tips and advice to help rural principals cope better with what can be an overwhelming workload at times, especially if you are also a teaching principal!

Our Māori Achievement Collaborations (MACs) continue to flourish under our newly appointed Te Pītau Mātauranga, Hoana Pearson, and you can read all about the MACs and how to join this unique PLD programme in NZ Principal magazine term one.

Then we have our Principal Leadership Advisory Service. We are delighted to announce that a second appointment has just been made in Northland to support David Hain, who has been in the job just over a year. The new appointee is from the secondary school sector which will complement David’s work well. You can read an article about David’s work in term two NZ Principal magazine due out at the end of May.

In this final newsletter of the term, I am focusing on hauora because in our survey of regional presidents at the start of the year, principal hauora was listed as the most important issue affecting principals today. You all need more support and advice and PLD that is relevant and useful to you. You also need stress relief and that’s what holidays are for. I can almost hear your shouts ... ‘but we have to work in the holidays to stop being stressed out next term!’

I hear you and I understand! My advice is that you use at least a sizeable chunk of these holidays to completely chill out away from school so that you can return next term refreshed, which is the only way we’ll all be here at the end of next term!

Have a fabulous holiday without the phone and without the email…at least for a day or two!

Noho ora mai ra

Iain Taylor


Gold Business Partners