Letter to Editor - Dom Post


New Zealand has an education system that is world class. This fact is undisputed by OECD reports, overseas educational experts, professional educators, the New Zealand Treasury and the Minister of Education. It is the pride of Kiwi parents, who helped develop our rich, diverse curriculum - the envy of the rest of the world – and it is staffed by registered teachers who have received rigorous, high quality training, who engage in on-going professional development and who are dedicated to their task. 

For the vast majority of Kiwi kids, this system serves them very well. In achievement, our kids are up there with Finland and Singapore who lead the world withthe highest achievement rankings.  If you want public accountability and transparency you can’t do much better than having the entire OECD assess your performance.

New Zealand’s teaching profession is committed to seeing that all Kiwi kids are continually progressing in all aspects of our broad curriculum and is ambitious to make on-going improvements and achieve ever higher results.  

It is unfortunate that your editorial (7 February) fails to acknowledge the real picture. 

Paul Drummond
New Zealand Principals’ Federation



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