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Investing in Education Success

The Investing in Education Success (IES) policy was announced by the Prime Minister in January and with a $359m price tag, is the biggest item of new spend the Government announced in its May Budget this year. It is thus a significant policy for the Government going into the election cycle.  

The policy underwent an unusual process. The Cabinet paper was immediately released after which sector leaders were invited to contribute to shaping the detail in a working party governed by confidentiality. The final policy document was launched on June 6.

This process created issues for those participating because they were unable to share their discussions with their wider membership groups.  

NZPF has held two forums in its endeavour to harness the views of principals on the policy.  First was the annual Moot and second was a joint NZPF/NZEI forum held June 10. 

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the IES since it has the potential to become a watershed policy for the education sector. You can read a summary article of the Moot discussions in the most recent issue of NZ Principal pp 6 – 8 or click here.  You can watch a video presentatin of Michael Fullan and read Emeritus Professor Ivan Snook's overview by clicking on the links below.  You are also encouraged to use the blank version of the ‘Thinking Template’ which participants in the forum used, to establish your own views on this policy. 

Thinking Template
IES Forum - Ivan Snook 10 June 2014
Michael Fullan video presentation on IES


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