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Charter Schools

Charter schools are not a welcome addition to the education portfolio in New Zealand and are about as popular with the public as increasing class sizes. Parents and boards are already seeing that charter schools will undermine the public school system which has consistently kept New Zealand at the top of the OECD and which has allowed true partnership between schools, parents and the professionals. 

Perhaps the most alarming feature in relation to the charter school announcement is that teachers and principals would not have to be qualified or registered. 

It is difficult to work out just what the real agenda is for charter schools. Certainly it is not about creating better educational opportunities for children. Research below demonstrates evidence to the contrary.

NZPF has researched charter schools over time and published articles and made media statements. It may be helpful for you to access this information. 

Click here for Charter Schools Resources for Principals

Check out the June issue of NZ Principal magazine which includes an article by Emeritus Professor Ivan Snook on Charter Schools, pp.5-7

Click here for our latest media release issued this week
Click here for our February media release in response to the OECD report praising our successful Education system
Click here for an NZPF article on Charter schools published earlier in the year in the Education Review
Click here for our February media release on charter schools as corporate education
Click here to access a Californian study on resources and allocation practices for charter schools which will give you
                a flavour of what the government might intend in announcing charter schools in New Zealand. Check out
                Chapter 6 and the summaries of the case studies.
Click here for a clear brief account of the American charter school experience which includes a number of external  
                 links to further information and reports which you may find useful.
Click here for an article by American David Sirota which includes further links to research reports on the failure of
                charter schools to deliver system wide change. 


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