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Immediate Past President
Somerfield School
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Denise Torrey

Denise Torrey is the Principal of Somerfield School, a U5 school in Christchurch. She has been a principal for 9 years and a member of the Canterbury Primary Principals’ Association (CPPA) Executive for 7 years. In 2008 Denise was the Social Convener for the NZPF Conference held in Christchurch. In 2009/2010/part 2011, she was president of CPPA. Her presidency coincided with the National Standards debate and Denise took on a leadership role on this issue in Canterbury and nationally. As CPPA president at the time of the major Christchurch earthquakes, Denise faced challenges way beyond National Standards. She continues to work alongside schools and the MoE on Earthquake Recovery and has done so since September 2010. Denise considers it a privilege to have also co-ordinated the Canterbury relief principals and teachers who supported West Coast schools affected by the Pike River disaster. It is her love of teaching and learning that drives her passion for her profession.


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